The action in defense of Alexei Sokolov

July 16 in Yekaterinburg in the protection took action. In the picket was attended by 15 people. From 8 am the activists of various social organizations gathered in front of the Sverdlovsk regional court in order to speak out against political repression in Russia and to demand the immediate release of human rights defender Alexei Sokolov. After graduation, most of the participants of the event took place in Sverdlovsk regional court, which was scheduled for the appeal against the sentence Alexei Sokolov.

In order to accommodate all comers, was isolated large courtroom.Around 10 am, people started in the courtroom and began the process, which lasted about 15 minutes. Judicial board of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court granted an application by Alexei Sokolov admission to participate in another defender - Executive Director of the "Movement for Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev. After that, the court decided to defer consideration of appeals and cassation submissions prosecutors in connection with the fact that the defendants Noskov and Anikin no lawyers, and the appeal violates their right to protection.The court did not set the date for a new trial, arguing that it will report later.

It remains unclear why neither the defendants nor the court did not find lawyers for more than 2 months since the sentencing. Who are in the Hall of social observers have suggested that the real reason for deferring consideration of appeals was the desire to divert public interest in the Cause Sokolova "by delaying the consideration of appeals against the sentence.It is possible that the person behind the fabrication of criminal cases against prominent human rights activist, hoped that the press, diplomats and public figures will not be able to go every time in the Sverdlovsk regional court and attend court hearings.

Recall that Alexei Sokolov Ekaterinburg human rights activist, leader SROO "Legal Framework", member of the watchdog to monitor places of detention in the Sverdlovsk region, was sentenced to 5 years in prison on trumped-up case, which is based only on the testimony of criminal offenders, subject Alexei due to pressure them.The real reason that Alex was subjected to criminal prosecution - his efforts to protect the rights of prisoners and criticism of the police department of the Sverdlovsk region and the regional GUFSIN. Currently, Alexei Sokolov is in jail № 1 Ekaterinburg.

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