The attack on forest defenders Khimki

July 23, 2010 Camp Forest Defenders Khimki (Moscow region). About 5 am surrounded a detachment of 40 men, similar to football fans in white masks who said they were ready to "kill and clean." After that the cutting of forests for "protection" of these mercenaries, who use tactics and attributes specific to football fans - private individuals, sports wear and special bandages on his hands. It is known that the vast majority of Russian hooligans - supporters of the neo-fascist ideology.

Rather, young people took part in the conflict not because of hatred of nature, and on a commercial basis. But this way of earnings, however, also does not do them honor. It is significant that the attack actually happened on the third anniversary of the assassination of the anarchist and advocate of the environment Ilya Borodaenko in the eco-camp near Angarsk July 21, 2007 Then the ultra-right, too, played into the hands of the authorities, but, obviously, for free, as the "ideological and motivating" - among the participants camps were their opponents, anti-fascists.Although it is possible, and this time the attackers were confident of "political correctness" of their actions - in fact participated in the defense of the forest antifa, leftist activists and liberals.


Defenders of the forest immediately called the police. Attire stopped logging. The activists knew that if the costume will leave them alone with the bandits, they will be in a situation dangerous to their lives. So they blocked the exit attire before arriving reinforcements.

Despite the presence of police and lack of permits, logging continued.Then the activists threw their bodies on the technique and they were able to block it. However, several people were seriously damaged: bandits, along with security officers rushed to beat them. Two girls holding on to an excavator. Strong guards force them away from your own technology, while the girls screamed that will not cut our forest. In one girl seriously injured hand, the activist injured neck, the remaining activists less serious injuries - scrapes and bruises.
According to one of the ecologists from the scene, after a long standoff - to place a new cutting between a group of defenders of the forest (about 15) and the unknown, but like bandits people in white masks to the scene arrived riot.He became a reinforcement for the bandits. Currently, the camp defenders Khimki forests destroyed.

Themselves defenders of the forest beaten and taken to the Khimki ATS.

Felling of the forest resumed. The calculation is to cut as much timber as his defenders kept in the police.

Clearly, urgent action is needed to replace those arrested and stop logging. "

Apparently in Russia, such a situation (using the far right of business entities and state power to suppress popular demonstrations) are not uncommon.Recall that in Angarsk in the night from 20 to 21 July 2007 on the eco-camp in protest against the harmful production was attacked by neo-Nazis with the use of bladed weapons. As a result of injuries died young environmentalist, anarchist Ilya Borodaenko.


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