CALL: On 13th February we are on the streets, to "discourage people from doing military service." We are everywhere!

On 6th January 2010 the police arrested 23 people in Ankara (Turkey) by using brutal force. The arrests occurred during a demonstration and press conference for the immediate release of the imprisoned military objector Enver Aydemir. One person among the arrested demonstrators has been detained: our comrade and anarchist Volkan Sevinc has been in jail for 40 days. We protest the imprisonment of Volkan Sevinc as well as the planned conviction of 19 other comrades to prison sentences between 1-10 years on the indictment "discouragement of the people from doing military service". We're going to meet on Saturday, 13 February 2010 simultaneously in Ankara and Istanbul as not yet convicted, killing-refusing antimilitarists to do another demonstration with the aim of "discouraging people of doing military service".
We invite all comrades worldwide to join us in protesting against the fact that the lives of people who oppose killing are transformed into a prison, and the fact that they are imprisoned and tortured. We invite all refusers, antimilitarists and anarchists to protest the state and its institutions by doing demonstrations and actions on 13 February 2010, for example in front of the consulates / embassies of the Turkish state. We invite you to show solidarity with our comrade Volkan Sevinc, who is exposed state terror, and with all political prisoners worldwide.

Initiative for solidarity with the antimilitarist detainee Volkan Sevinc

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