CNT held a demonstration in Madrid against labor reforms and reductions in public sector

3 July 1000 CNT members and supporters took to the streets to protest against labor law reform and the onset of the ruling circles of the working people, unfolded in recent months. The demonstration, which was also attended by comrades who had arrived from Valencia, Granada, Cordoba, Salamanca and other cities, began at 12.00.

The demonstration quickly turned into a fierce battle and a march. They could hear the slogans: "Work, if you do not fight on, no one can hear you", "Union, action, self-government", "Work, wake up, unemployment is at the door" and others, with criticism of labor reform.

Without any significant incidents, the demonstration reached the Puerta del Sol.There, a microphone picked up Carmen, Secretary of the Confederation CNT Central Region, and opened the meeting. It clearly and explicitly condemned the new attack on the working class caused by labor reform, in which the workers themselves would pay into a fund that will take money for their own dismissal, not to mention the fact that such a dismissal would be much easier ...She criticized the provision, when a crisis hits the workers, while the government increase the capital, and spoke of the need to fight. This fight should be more powerful than ever, to be able to resist the enemies of the working class.

Velasco of the local federation CNT in Madrid said the failure of capitalism.This system works only in favor of the few that are built on the exploitation of the vast majority of people. He warned that we would never have expected anything good from those who rule us: we are in the hands of corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians and corrupt unions, and they - the authors of the current labor reform. He recalled being introduced one mind, which should lead us to believe that their measures to address the so-called economic problems, ie, neo-liberal measures - the only possible.Velasco also said the collapse of the reformist political projects: they have failed not only as political but as a moral project.

In the face of all this is only one thing: the dignity of the struggle for social justice, which must, ultimately, translate into libertarian communism, a system created by people for themselves, rather than against it (to eliminate the manner of exploitation of man).System which is based primarily on the revolutionary humanism, fraternity and mutual assistance.


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