Drop all charges against Joe Glenton!

Today, 15 of January, over against the embassy of Great Britain there was a picket in support of lance corporal Joe Glenton, that was organised by anarchists involving members of "Autonomous action".
Activists showed their solidarity to Glenton's decision, unwraped the banner "It's better to be deserter, than to be killer" and passing out antiwar leaflets.
It's better to be deserter, than to be killer. Killers - those, who trespass on bounds of another country, bringing devastation and death, they should be called so. Terror - that's the name for actions of USA and their NATO's co-belligerents in Afghanistan.
Anarchists almoust all the time were under the gun of police, that registered disapproval with another banner, brought by members of picket: "army is slavery!", declared it antiauthority and inappropriate to the subject of picket.
During the action there were no serious conflicts. Nobody was arrested.

Joe Glenton, who has been a soldier for five years and went on his first tour to Afghanistan in 2006, deserted and was arrested after his public speech on anti-war demonstration in october 24th in London. Earlie on he wrote to premier-minister Gordon Brown, he implored him to stop military action in Afghanistan and bring troops home.
"I just couldn't see what we had given to the country. I felt ashamed" - that 's the words of Joe Glenton about the war in Afghanistan.
The Stop the War Coalition has called Glenton's move a "very significant moment" in the campaign against the Afghanistan conflict. He is the first serving soldier to speak out against the government's policy.

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