Outlaw strike builders Lviv stadium

Bosses block to prevent employees bargain made public the fact of the strike.

November 26, about 100 workers at the site of the stadium construction in Lviv Evro2012 strike.

Workers who are employees of the firm COMFORTBUD not pay salaries for three months.

With the organization of the protest was a problem. The workers threatened with dismissal, so that only part joined in the action. Then the strikers have decided that they want to picket, but the guards blocked them, nedavaya leave the construction site. Director main contractor firm Altkomkievbud Vasily gardener claimed later that no strike was not.

"No one picketed.I have never in my life did not allow anyone picketing on my job site. "

COMFORTBUD declares that it would pay all the debts of employees by 30 November (as far as we know it did not happen - approx. Per.), But they have heard such promises before, and still have not received salaries.

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