Solidarity action in Petrozavodsk

On August 9, Student boulevard Petrozavodsk gathered more than 40 people to support Khimkinskiy residents and activists who oppose cutting Khimki park for the construction of highway Moscow-Saint Petersburg. The picketers demanded to stop deforestation, stop the repression against the environmentalists, to immediately release the illegally detained activists, anti-fascist Maxim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova.

In the hands of the participants were posters and banners with slogans: "Plant trees, not people!", "No Cop lawlessness!", "Protection of nature - not extremism," "Freedom for political prisoners!", "Les is more important," " The route to bypass "," Collaboration with the Nazis - a disgrace to the authorities! ".Activists chanted loudly demand, distributed leaflets.

Anti-environmentalists and local residents barbaric cutting down forests Khimki associated with a series of episodes of lawlessness and representatives of business structures. Khimki forest authorities are planning to sacrifice the construction of toll highways, which will cut down 1,000 hectares of green belt, which significantly worsen the environmental situation and would deprive many habitats of wild animals and plants, includingRed Data Book. Deteriorate sharply and people's living conditions. Fighting has been going on for several years, and the defenders of the forest had to deal with pressure, intimidation, threats, illegal detentions and arrests, beatings and massacres perpetrated by hired thugs from the neo-Nazi organizations.

Despite the fact that most of the inhabitants of Moscow wants to preserve the forest for public officials and businessmen who have a vested interest in the case nor the opinion of people, nor the legitimacy of their actions has absolutely no value.

July 28 righteous indignation of people at the mayhem, the creator of Khimki forest, resulted in a bright spontaneous protest rally, during which damaged buildings Khimki Administration.After these dramatic events police began to invent the "instigators", and 30 July it became known that two detained anti-fascists - Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov. They were accused of organizing attacks on the administration of Khimki st.213 Code (disorderly conduct).It is obvious that the activists were detained solely because they were public representatives of the anti-fascist movement, and publicly stated its strong position.

Aug. 4 news conference on the legal violations against ekozaschitnikov and anti-fascists, ended exemplary demonstration of lawlessness "the authorities" - in rough form, was detained the leader of the Movement in the protection of forests Khimki Evgeny Chirikov.Just wonder why the authorities took to the accumulation of the press to arrange such a conspicuous and blatant forceful detention of the well-known activist? Obviously, this act of intimidation.

We believe that the detention of activists and conduct of the trial completely illegal and demand the immediate release of Alexey and Maxim, regardless of whether they participated in the rally in Khimki, on July 28 or not. You must stop repression against defenders Khimki forests and stop its destruction! Lawlessness should not continue with the tacit approval of society! Now this is happening in Khimki, tomorrow in Petrozavodsk? Today, the Moscow anti-fascists arrested, and tomorrow someone from your friends or relatives? We urge all people interested, regardless of political affiliation or belief, to express their protest against the repression of activists in Khimki!

Comment participating shares, Valeria: "Khimki forest - is a wonderful wilderness, one of the few islands of pure life in the modern world.We are categorically against the extermination and destruction of "light" of our planet, because nothing can replace the beauty, which bears the primeval nature.Destruction of forests, and any other ecosystem, can not be justified by any "arguments". We have always fought for each plot of pristine nature, and will continue to do so, no matter what! Environmentalists and activists will not stop its activities until as long as nature will not be free from harassment mired in the pursuit of profit corporations and pandering to their authorities.And we will not abandon our friends in distress, victims of political repression for its uncompromising and not indifferent to what is happening around the approach to life! "

Action Team solidarity

Contact: 89535305328, 19jan.ptz (at)

Photos from the rally:


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