The action of solidarity with the illegally arrested anti-fascists in Russia

On Wednesday, August 3 in Odessa anti-fascists, anarchists and members of leftist movements held a rally of solidarity with Russian anti-fascists - Alexey and Maxim Gaskarova Solopovym, arrested for allegedly organizing (Moscow region), although no evidence of their involvement in the events of July 28 for illegal search the apartments of arrested had been found. In protest against such a cynical state of affairs in Russia and Moscow's support of their comrades held a march 20 people from the area on April 10 to the Russian consulate in Gagarinsky plateau (where the rally was held), carrying banners and placards and handing out leaflets explaining the essence of what has happened:

During the construction of highway Moscow - St. Petersburg is planned cutting of the forest area near the city of Khimki.Environmentalists and civic activists are protesting against this construction, offering alternatives, not causing such harm nature.These options were rejected, and the territory through which could pass the road - sold for redevelopment.

Activists who tried to resist cutting and journalists covering their activities, under pressure from local authorities interested in construction. After the start of logging (performed without proper authorization) for environmentalists have repeatedly been attacked by members of right-wing groups, hired by "Heat" . Police and riot police ignored the attacks, have repeatedly delayed the defenders of the forest on trumped-up reasons.

After the 28 th July, a group of left activists held a symbolic assault on the City Hall Khimki Moscow has begun rounding up anti-fascists, now arrested all known representatives of the movement, regardless of their participation in the rally.Now in custody are Alexey and Maxim Gaskarov Solopov. Reports of their detention are falsified, such as it is written that the activists were arrested on the spot pogrom "in the act, while they were detained only a day later and the fact of their involvement in the riots nothing is not confirmed, Maxim Solopov front detention spoke on the radio. The main argument for the prosecution today is the fact that the detainees - the anti-fascists, as the evidence is tendered found them leaflets and stickers Antifascist content.

According to our data, it is under special control of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Presidential Administration.What is happening can not be explained by the desire to punish the perpetrators of disorderly conduct, then what happens - an absurd and irrational revenge power, people who tried to speak out against corruption and tyranny.

We demand the release of Maksim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova from custody, an end to illegal arrests of anti-fascists, honest and impartial investigation into the events of 28 th of without fraud and pressure on the defendants.We recall that the crime of "Heat" employing neo-Nazis to beat the defenders of the forest administration, Khimki, on the order of which was mutilated journalist Michael Beketov, policemen who did the illegal arrest and obstructing journalistic activities go unpunished.

Illegal buildings, cutting down forests and parks in the pursuit of profit - the problem is relevant not only for Russia but for Ukraine.We remind the authorities of both countries, that the unwillingness to listen to the peaceful and legitimate demands of civil society activists inevitably gives rise to radical protest. The attempt to suppress the protest draconian methods leads not to order, and to Esklatsii violence and terror.

During the picket, chanting slogans: "Plant a forest, and not activists," "Anti-fascism is not a crime", "Freedom Alexei
Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovu "," Wood cut - Khimki burn "," We need a lot of Khimki "(paraphrasing the slogan of 68-year" We need a lot of
Vietnams), etc.


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