Defenders Khimki forests held a press conference and strayed from the bandits

July 26 was the continuation of the history of the struggle over the construction of the road chereh forest in Khimki. After the attack on 23 July, eco-camp 40-50 football hooligans, allegedly Spartak "constellation of" Gladiators " , most likely hired for money to intimidation and provocation against activists protecting forests from logging, environmentalists held a July 26 press conference, and raid the territory of the Khimki woods. When manylargest group of ecologists came to the area where illegal logging is carried out, the newly emerged "unknown persons" to provoke a fight.

During a press conference ekoaktivisty stated that the struggle for the forest in Khimki will continue despite the provocations, and detention.

One of the Movement to protect forests Khimki Eugene Chirikov spoke about specific alternative proposals for the route with the least damage to the forest.

Also on the scene arrived the head of the company "Heat" (the company that performs logging) Alexander Semchenko, who tried to convince the audience that the work carried out lawfully.Nevertheless, defenders of the forest decided to go to the construction site and check permits.

During the passage of the defenders of the forest on the territory of the construction site, a group of unknown people sporty tried to tie a fight.However, several environmentalists were injured varying severity.

Despite the fact that the police actually moved on from the detention of citizens beating unknown vandals, residents and activists managed to get themselves to detain one of the attackers and force them to take him to the police department.Followed, the police went to a few victims to apply for a criminal case.

Cutting down the forest area Khimki, must pass through high-speed highway Moscow-Petersburg, began on 15 July.It is accompanied by the protests of activists, environmentalists, claiming that the decision to cut down was made with disabilities. Several times forced to stop work because of the actions of protesters who encamped in the woods. July 23 camp was broken up by riot police, but the protests have not ceased.

The company, Combustion Engineering, a leading cutting, has agreed to suspend work until Tuesday evening, July 27. Activists have promised for this time to provide for the study of documents, allowing logging in Khimki woods.Earlier, environmentalists have repeatedly demanded to give them these documents, but they never received.

Video from press conference



The attack on forest defenders Khimki

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